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Simply put, we provide you with top-quality printed products at affordable prices.

Dinkcart is a site justifies its reputation in Dinkcart services since 2015. We have been providing customized T-shirts, pen, cap, mug and other accessories from last 2 years. Our team is available round the clock for your assistance. With our huge range of designs, pick the right one for you and your closed ones.

Why is T-shirt printing well for your business?

What else is better than a T-shirt for promotional purposes? They are inexpensive, versatile and fast to produce for promoting a business. You will literally be shocked about the price of a bulk Dinkcart service. They are an amazing source to turn every head towards your brand. Every idea is unique, yes, each and every idea is as unique as your brand is. T-shirts are the best to utilize for daily wear for brand promotion. Whether planning for a workout session or office wear; T-shirts served themselves as best comfort wear. Your brand T-shirt will be easily recognizable in between everyone. T-shirts are stretchable, evergreen and most importantly they are having our loyalty and dedication. We offer printing service for Unisex T-shirts, minimum orders, youth trend, athletics, hoodies and sweatshirts of every fabric.

• Vinyl Printing
• Digital printing
• Embroidery printing
• Screen printing

Benefits of Mug printing

It is one of the most ethnic ways of printing on ceramics. Ceramics are those articles that are made from clay and further hardened by the heating process. Just like Dinkcart. Mug printing also ranks itself on top of marketing skills. They are vital for a brand promotion. We deal in Cup printing service at lowest prices with attractive discounts. Permanent and vibrant colours are meant to be added with your design that goes best for marketing purpose as well as daily use. They are inexpensive, yet effective with huge reach. Types of mugs with which our experts can deal efficiently:

White Mug
• Black Mug
• Magic Mug
• Twoton Mug

Pens and Caps printing: They both are very useful and a great tool for exposure. They are affordable and having lots of varieties as well. Both are free for advertising without any limits to reach even non-targeted customers. Whoever receives the pen or cap having your brand name and logo will likely to tend more towards your name. It’s a tried and tested formula for customer reach as they are walking advertisements and free to reach anywhere. Choose your designs and get ready to stand like a king in market. These are a boon for promoting your brand.

Sublimation printing is a special service provided by DinkCart; it is a computer printer that uses heat to transfer dyes onto materials like plastic, card, paper or fabric. Dye sublimation printing is a full colour and coverage printing technique. Your unique designs are printed on your clothes for better brand recognition. Fabric will be having a special finish on its surface after printing. Designs are permanent as they are a part of fabric that helps it in making them more stylish and customized without any additional weight.

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